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Honour the Past. Protect the Future

Leave a gift in your Will to help protect the future of the RAF Family.

For over 100 years the brave servicemen and women of the RAF have fought and sacrificed to protect all our tomorrows. Including a gift to the RAF Benevolent Fund in your Will, is a wonderful way to support those who have given so much. You can help those who have served and those who will serve, for all our tomorrows and long into the future.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

Leaving a legacy is not only easy, but an incredible thing to do to help others in need. One day you could come to the rescue of an RAF veteran in desperate need, a young airman injured in Afghanistan or the widow and family of an RAF Squadron Leader.

We understand that your family and loved ones must always come first, but once they are taken care of we ask that you consider leaving a gift in your Will to support members of the RAF Family.

If you would like more information on leaving a gift in your Will, and protecting the future of the RAF Family, you can request your copy of our Gifts in Wills Guide below. Along with your guide you will also receive a free commemorative RAF print.

How would you like to receive your guide?

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Mr Cottam served in World War II as a wireless operator who signalled planes out of Britain with supplies, and back from the Front with the wounded. His unit was one of the first to enter Berlin at the end of the war.

"The RAF family has a long tradition of looking out for one another, and putting a gift in my Will to the RAF Benevolent Fund is my way of looking after the next generation."

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I leave in my Will?

Your gift may take the form of a 'residuary', 'pecuniary', 'specific' or 'reversionary' legacy. These are defined as:

  • Residuary – The whole or a percentage of an estate after all other gifts have been made and any debts settled.
  • Pecuniary – A fixed sum of money left in your Will.
  • Specific – Items such as a house to be sold or used, a medal or even stocks and shares.

How important is my gift?

Very. Currently more than 50% of our work is made possible thanks to people who left us a gift in their Will. 

I would like my gift to be used for a specific area of work – is this possible?

Please speak to our Gifts in Wills team to discuss your wishes. Please call Kate Galbraith on 0333 355 1081, or email

What information do I need to update or change my Will?

The minimum amount of information your solicitor will need is:

  • Our charity registration number: 1081009 (England and Wales) SC038109 (Scotland)
  • Our address: Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, 67 Portland Place, London W1B 1AR

It will also be worth having an idea of what type of gift you want to leave.

How do I word my Will?

Here is some example wording you could use to leave a gift in your Will to the RAF Benevolent Fund. You may wish to print this off and present it to your solicitor, if so, please specify your particular wishes by deleting as appropriate.

‘I give XX percent of the remainder of my estate/ £ (cash amount) /my property of (give address) to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund of 67 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AR (Charity Registration Number 1081009, Scotland registration number SC038109) for its charitable purposes. I further direct that the receipt of the Finance Director or other proper officers of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund shall be a full and proper discharge for the said legacy.’

Can you recommend a solicitor to write my Will?

If you need help to find a local solicitor, we recommend:

I already have a Will – Do I have to re-write it if I want to include a gift?

Not necessarily. If you already have a Will and want to make small changes, it is possible to do so by adding a codicil, or supplement to your Will.

Please request our Gifts in Wills Guide which includes a codicil form. Fill this in as instructed and return to you solicitor or whoever is looking after your Will.

Alternatively, you could write a letter to your solicitor stating your wishes. We recommend you consult your solicitor before making any substantial changes to your Will.

What if my gift doesn't make it to you for years to come? Will my gift still be needed?

Yes, certainly. The RAF has been serving Britain for more than 100 years and our services will be needed just as much in the future as new challenges to peace and security emerge. The RAF's technology may change dramatically, but there will always be men and women prepared to put their lives on the line to protect our way of life. Thanks to gifts in Wills we can ensure that we are here to protect the future generation.  

I would like to talk to someone about my intended gift

Please contact Kate Galbraith on 0333 355 1081 email, get in touch online, or write to us at RAF Benevolent Fund, 67 Portland Place, London W1B 1AR. We will be delighted to answer any queries you may have. For more information about leaving a gift in your Will to us, please request your Gifts in Wills Guide

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