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Apply for financial help

The RAF Benevolent Fund considers all applications for financial assistance from members of the RAF Family.


Applying for help below £750

You can apply directly online for financial help up to the value of £750 if you meet the criteria set out in our online Eligibility Checker below.

If you do meet this criteria, please download our application form which is an editable PDF, and complete and send to with any supporting documents. Please read our How to apply for financial help online section below to see what type of documents we will require and information on how to complete the form.

Online Eligibility Checker

Please read the five questions below to determine whether you are eligible to use our online application process. If you answer yes to any of the questions below you may still be able to get help but via a caseworker. Please contact us on 0300 102 1919 to arrange this.

  1. Is the total value of your application above £750?
  2. Does your application relate to the cost of mobility/care equipment, the cost of residential/domiciliary home care or property adaptations?
  3. Do you have savings or capital of more than £12,000?
  4. Do you have or require help with non-priority debt [consumer debt such as credit cards, store cards, hire-purchase arrangements are all types of non-priority debt]?
  5. Have you applied to us online for financial assistance previously and received a grant within the last 12 months?

Applying for help over £750

If the assistance you require is greater than £750, then there are other ways we can help. Please call us on 0300 102 1919 or make an enquiry for help online. Take a look at some of the things we can support you with financially.

How to apply for financial help online

If you answered no to the questions in our Eligibility Checker then you can apply for help online through our downloadable application form. Please note that to apply using the form you will need to be able to scan/photograph and send a number of supporting documents to confirm your identity, your eligibility and your circumstances. The following documents will be required:

  • Proof of ID – driving licence, passport, military ID or other official government issues document.
  • Proof of RAF Service for the individual on which the application is based – you can submit your application without this, but we will contact the Royal Air Force to make checks which may delay your application.
  • One month's bank statement – clearly demonstrating the account name, number and sort code of the account into which any granted funds will be made; this must be in the name of the applicant.
  • Proof of income – wage slip/benefit statement.

Without these supporting documents we will not be able to process your request for help. Guidelines to accompany the application can be accessed here.

Please do not print off the application and complete by hand. We aim to respond to your application within two weeks.

Please send your completed application form and supporting documents to

Privacy notice

The RAF Benevolent Fund is committed to ensuring that we handle all data which we hold about you, in a safe, secure and responsible manner and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018. Please read the privacy notice in our guidelines. This tells you how we will use, manage and store the personal data you have submitted in relation to this application.

Serving in the RAF?

If you are serving in the RAF and would like financial assistance, please visit our financial support for the RAF page.

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