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Support for RAF veterans

We support both young and older veterans and immediate family members with everything from injury or illness, to financial hardship, disability, emotional wellbeing, transitioning back to civilian life and living independently. We can consider any request for assistance and we provide a tailor-made approach to each individual situation.

  • Financial support for RAF veterans

    We may be able to help if you are experiencing financial difficulties. This can include assistance with household essentials, children's needs, priority bills, care costs, funeral expenses, regular financial support and help through our advice and advocacy service. 

  • Housing and accommodation

    We can provide help with unexpected housing costs, such as short term assistance with accommodation and removal costs, or assistance with the cost of essential items of furniture and white goods.

  • Living independently

    We can provide support to help you remain in your home for as long as you wish. This includes aids and equipment to help you get around inside and outside the home, home adaptations, and essential repairs to property.

  • Relationships

    The Fund is working with Relate to provide access to relationship support services to help when going through relationship difficulties. This includes free counselling sessions, as well as mediation support in case of a relationship breakdown.

  • Emotional wellbeing

    It's perfectly normal to feel low or anxious sometimes, but when this starts to become overwhelming and interferes with your daily life, it is important to reach out for support. That's why we're providing a number of initiatives to support RAF veterans and family members experiencing difficulties.

  • Employment and training

    If you feel that you need additional training or education to boost your skills and improve your chances of getting a job, there are various support services available to help you. In some cases, we can provide help to cover the cost of training courses.

  • Information for caseworkers

    All applications for financial assistance from the RAF Benevolent Fund involve a visit from a trained caseworker.

  • Request our help
    Whatever your situation, get in touch with us today to request our help.

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