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Aids for the home

Care equipment can make a big difference to a person's comfort and independence.

Lee WrakeThe RAF Benevolent Fund supported D-Day veteran Lee Wrake by providing him with a riser recliner chair to make home life a little easier.

This can include:

  • electrically operated profiling beds
  • electrically operated riser and recliner chairs
  • electrically operated bath lifts
  • specialised computer equipment
  • other care equipment such as hoists, telecare and interactive lighting technology

Please note that if equipment is required on medical grounds then your local social services department or NHS trust has a duty to provide any equipment which they feel is essential to meet your care needs, so we will ask you to ensure they are providing everything they should.

We can advise on the application and assessment procedure and may be able to help provide the equipment if you are not eligible for help from statutory agencies.

If you haven't already had a visit from an occupational therapist to assess your situation, we can arrange one for you but please remember that we can only assist with equipment that is recommended by an occupational therapist.

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