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Financial support for care at home

If moving into a care home is not something which is being considered, we may be able to assist with domiciliary care costs.

Domiciliary care

If someone decides to stay in their own home, the local authority should carry out an assessment of care needs and determine whether they can offer you help with the cost of the care that is required in your home.

In cases where the local authority is already helping with the cost of care, we may be able to offer additional assistance if you are not receiving the full cost of your care.

Our normal level of benevolence for top-up fees is between £40 and £50 per week, subject to meeting the RAF Benevolent Fund's criteria and subsequent approval of an application. 

Additionally, we can help pay for respite or welfare breaks away from home for you or your carer to help relieve the pressures that care-givers often experience.

In addition to offering respite or welfare breaks at our seaside cottages, we have connections to a number of other homes throughout the country that specialise in welfare breaks for ex-Service personnel.

These offer a number of secluded apartments for the serving RAF and for older people or people with a disability seeking short-term care. The three homes are:

  • Richard Peck House
  • Flowerdown House
  • Rothbury House

Further information can be found on the RAF Association website

Advice and Advocacy Service

The RAF Benevolent Fund now has an Advice and Advocacy service if you wish to seek assistance with any problems including:

  • Care in the home (domiciliary care)
  • Getting a care assessment
  • Continuing Health Care (CHC)
  • Top-up fees
  • Disabled Facility Grants
  • Problems with other care related problems

For more information please see our Advice and Advocacy page

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