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John Wright

For John Wright and his wife Mary the help they received from the Fund to support their disabled son Lewis made a world of difference to their family.

When John and his wife Mary were told to take their son Lewis home and love him, they did just that, not knowing how long they would have him.

Now, 11 years on, Lewis is thriving young boy who enjoys playing computer games and listening to the rain. Whatever the challenge he and his parents have faced, the RAF Benevolent Fund has been by their side.


When their home needed major adaptations the family couldn't afford, John, then serving in the RAF, turned to the Fund for support. We provided the home adaptations Lewis needed as he grew, including adapting the garage into a safe bedroom for Lewis, along with a fully-accessible bathroom.

We also helped to make the rest of the home more accessible, including opening up the living room and dining room so the space was big enough for Lewis's wheelchair. The family's life was transformed.

In September, the Fund provided a grant to provide Lewis with an electric wheelchair to replace his current manual chair, which can be difficult for him to propel at times and very tiring.

John said: "The chair is amazing it means he can have that little bit of independence and control as we don't have to wheel him. It will help him to engage more in what's around him too."

As well as severe epilepsy, Lewis was born with limited mobility, learning disabilities and several other serious conditions. Against the odds, Lewis fought through. By the time he was two, his seizures had been brought under control, but he still needed constant care.

John and Mary didn't hesitate to act as our nation's protectors by serving in the RAF. It's with no hesitation that we help them today, in their hour of need. As Lewis grows, he'll no doubt require more support. The RAF Benevolent Fund will be there.

Watch the video as they share their story with us.

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