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John Wright

For John Wright and his wife Mary the help they received from the Fund to support their disabled son Lewis made a world of difference to their family.

Sergeant John Wright and his wife Mary, former RAF Telecommunications Operator, met each other in the RAF.

Mary served in the Royal Air Force for 12 years, but she grew up in the RAF Family. All in all her family has completed over 84 years of service.

John and Mary Wright with son Lewis

In 2009, Mary and John became the proud parents of a baby boy called Lewis. Like most parents, the couple was really happy and excited with all the baby preparations.

But nothing could have prepared John and Mary for what came next. When Lewis was three hours old, he had his first major seizure and was taken away.

"From that point on it's just been a Lewis roller coaster," said Mary. Lewis is known as a Swan child, syndrome without a name, due to his many different disabilities including epilepsy, limited mobility amongst other things.

When John and Mary finally took their son home from hospital, they were told to "just take him home and love him." For John "it became quite clear how Lewis was not a well boy."

Thankfully, Lewis' epilepsy is now under some control.

"Throughout my time in the Air Force I was aware of the RAF Benevolent Fund, but never thought to call on their services," said John. "That changed when we started having to adapt the family home for Lewis as he grew. The Fund came to our aid which had a life-changing impact."

"I cried when I got the letter. I couldn't believe that somebody would be so kind and provide Lewis with everything that he needed," Mary added.

We helped Sergeant John and his wife Mary convert the garage into a living space for Lewis which includes a fully accessible bathroom. The dinning area and lounge were merged into a living room, allowing Lewis to access these areas with his wheelchair.

Watch the video as they share their story with us.

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