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Nancy Presland

Nancy Presland's late husband Brian served in the RAF for 25 years as an instructor in the police school.

When Brian was recovering from illness 30 years ago the couple first heard about Princess Marina House and took their first break to support Brian's convalescence.

Nancy Presland

Through stays at our respite home, Princess Marina House (PMH) over the years Nancy developed a fantastic friendship with another member of the RAF Family, Maureen Pearce.

Since Brian’s death seven years ago PMH has helped Nancy cope and has offered a great place for her to meet and spend time with Maureen, particularly as Nancy lives in Hampshire and Maureen is in Kent.

After spending many years travelling the world with children and adapting to an unsettled life while supporting her husband serving in the RAF, 82-year-old Nancy sees her stays at PMH as a great reward.

"I don't know what I would have done without this place. It’s like people coming with open arms, such a caring community."

She can't recommend her stays at PMH enough and recently brought a friend’s husband who is also a member of the RAF Family to join her. When Nancy and Maureen were invited to the 50th anniversary garden party at PMH they happily came back for an extra week-long stay and say they never turn down an invitation to visit.

"It's wonderful to come and leave it all behind, leave all your cares. I say everyone should have a place like this, it's like a second home."


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