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Battle of Britain

    Watch our interviews with RAF veterans who took part in the Battle of Britain and read our exclusive blogs.

    Visit to learn more about the Battle of Britain and discover the defining moments of the conflict on our Battle timeline.

  • William 'Billy' Fiske III was one of No. 601 Squadron's famous pilots
    Squadrons of the Battle of Britain: No. 601 Squadron

    There was no squadron quite like No. 601 Squadron at the beginning of the Battle of Britain. The squadron was wholly ordinary in some aspects but extraordinary in others.

  • Air Chief Marshal Dowding
    Preparing Britain's air defence for battle

    The task of preparing Britain's air defence in the lead up to the Battle of Britain belonged to Air Chief Marshal Dowding. It was his foresight and forward planning that helped position Britain to respond to the Luftwaffe attacks.

  • Prime Minister Winston Churchill
    RAF Uxbridge – defending the South East

    The RAF's timely action in building the air defence bunker at RAF Uxbridge gave them a significant advantage in defending the South East when war came to Britain's shores on 10 July 1940.

  • No. 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron were just one of the numerous Squadrons that took part in the Battle of Britain
    40% of Brits do not know what the Battle of Britain was

    Today marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Britain. Shockingly, 40 per cent of people in a new survey we commissioned do not know what the Battle of Britain was.

  • Prime Minister Winston Churchill makes a public address in the run up to the Battle of Britain
    The Battle of Britain – the early days of the war

    The Battle of Britain brought home the realities of war for the British public, as bombs fell on our cities and dogfights were silhouetted against the summer sun.

  • Late Battle of Britain pilot Jimmy Corbin
    How we helped the family of Battle of Britain pilot Jimmy Corbin

    Battle of Britain pilot Jimmy Corbin DFC was made a Freeman of Maidstone in 2010. After his death in 2012, the RAF Benevolent Fund was able to help Jimmy's wife, Jeanne, who after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, was finding it more and more difficult to cope at home. Jimmy's daughter Margot explains how we helped her family during a very difficult time.

  • Late Battle of Britain pilot Jimmy Corbin
    Remembering Battle of Britain pilot Jimmy Corbin

    Flight Lieutenant Jimmy Corbin DFC had just 29 hours' flying time in the Spitfire when he joined No. 66 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. Jimmy sadly passed away in 2012 but his youngest daughter, Margot, shares some memories of her heroic father who was the last of the ten Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots, known as Churchill's 'The Few'.

  • Late Battle of Britain veteran Bob Foster
    "Goering underestimated the strength and resilience of Fighter Command"

    The late Wing Commander Bob Foster gives his reasons for why the RAF ultimately defeated the Luftwaffe in the skies above Britain.

  • Nigel Rose
    The Spitfire was "something out of this world"

    In an exclusive interview with the RAF Benevolent Fund, Spitfire pilot and Battle of Britain veteran Squadron Leader Nigel Rose reveals his feelings about flying the Spitfire.

  • Late Wing Commander Bob Foster
    "We flew into the evening sun when the East End was burning"

    The late Hurricane pilot Wing Commander Bob Foster describes to us how he and his squadron (605) joined the Battle on one of its most decisive days.

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