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Eren's skydive for charity

Eren NasibDespite being afraid of heights, 25-year-old supporter Eren Nasib recently took to the sky to complete a skydive to raise money for our work. Eren tells us more.

My skydive was pretty intense. Although nerves kicked in to begin with, as soon as the plane took off and I was ready to jump, an overwhelming level of excitement took over.

The second or so falling from the plane is almost silent but that's quickly interrupted by the sound of rushing wind as you accelerate. That's when the experience really took over!

I couldn't get any words out, none that were understandable anyway; there were just lots of big smiles and giggles!

Then once the chute was opened, it became almost an entirely different experience that was so much more calm and serene, and where I could really enjoy the sensation of flying and the landscape around me.

I chose to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund because I've recently applied to become a pilot in the Royal Air Force. With that in mind and being aware of the incredible job the charity does for members of the RAF family, supporting them was an obvious choice to me. I managed to raise over £500 in total.

But even before my skydive, just to see the generosity of my friends and family who donated was so humbling and added to my whole fundraising experience.

If you're perhaps considering doing a skydive, I'd say do it! I'm not great with heights but if I can do it then so can you.

By Eren Nasib

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