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My job as a Housing Executive at the RAF Benevolent Fund

Al Bennett is a Housing Executive in our Housing and Care Services team and has been working for the RAF Benevolent Fund for three years. In this guest blog, Al tells us more about his role.

After 25 years in the Royal Air Force I was glad to find a job that in many ways continued the welfare role that I had done during my final posting in the RAF which involved working closely with the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Al BennettAs a Housing Executive I work with members of the RAF family who find themselves in difficulty, including those I worked with in uniform. My role can be difficult on occasions but it's also very rewarding.

The range of what we do was surprising even to me when I first joined the charity. I knew that the Fund was able to assist with property repairs and disability adaptations but I didn't appreciate how they worked with local authorities and occupational therapists to achieve this as well as the broad range of assistance that is offered.

I have worked across all areas at the Fund including Care Services and General Needs. This means I've dealt with everything from replacing a broken washing machine for the widow of a serviceman living on a low income to providing financial assistance with the cost of residential care for a World War II Gunner.

We have a great team ethos in the office that made it easier for me to make the transition from service life, but above all we are focused on achieving the best for our those RAF family members who may be having a really tough time.

The assistance we give wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our supporters and we recognise how important it is to spend donations wisely so that we can help the RAF family for as long as possible.

When we have difficult circumstances to consider I know that I can rely on my colleagues to share their knowledge so we never let anyone down. It is satisfying to work in an environment where I genuinely get to help people and the best part of my job is calling them to let them know we're able to help.

I've had a great three years here at the Fund, and as my wife isn't quite ready to let me devote more time to my vintage toy collection, I can look forward to many more.

By Al Bennett

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