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RAF Leeming Airplay group roll up their sleeves to spruce up their building

Members of Airplay at RAF Leeming got stuck into a project to clean up the building they meet in recently. The youngsters joined in to work hard and make their space tidy and more appealing for all to enjoy.

Our Airplay youth club has lots of activities and times that we can go to the youth centre and hang out with different people and staff. The staff help us out with our arguments with each other. We also have an activity group where we have been cooking loads of food which of course we have eaten and enjoyed with our families (when we let them try!)

RAF Leeming Airplay

Youth club is a good place to have fun. They let you have fun like when we made pancakes and they also give you delicious tuck. The staff are really nice and crazy because they join in games.

One of the things we did recently was to have a community clean day at the youth club. Some of us cooked the day before making pies, cakes, scones and cookies. On the clean day we turned up with parents and younger siblings and helped to clean the outside of the building.

We got rid of all the leaves from the back of the centre and got it ready for us to be able to play out there when it gets light and warmer. One dad even stood in the bin to crush down the leaves to get more in. The building had not been cleaned up for a while and we found loads of spider webs and eggs which we brushed away with sweeping brushes.

It was cold but we had fun and helped make the youth centre look better. The windows looked great when we also cleaned the inside ones. Of course we had a coffee break where we ate cakes and at lunch time we stopped and had jacket potatoes and then more cakes.

We worked really hard but made such a difference to the look of the building we can see out of the windows for one and are ready for the summer of games and fun. It was good to help out and we hope to do this again in the summer and get more people involved.

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