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Six-year-old Harry is a Christmas star!

Harry Orme, from Coddington, is so determined to fundraise for the RAF Benevolent Fund he's hosting his own Christmas concert! In this guest blog he tells us how he plans to entertain his audience with Christmas carols on the piano – despite only having started learning a few months ago! The concert, which is a sell-out, will be held at his school Coddington Primary School on Sunday.

I decided to hold a Christmas concert to make everyone feel Christmassy because it was nearly time for Christmas and I like watching concerts.

Six-year-old fundraiser Harry Orme

There is going to be lots of people listening to the music and singing if they would like to. I like Christmas carols so I hope they will sing. There is some food that’s going to be yummy. We are making a hot chocolate bar and mummy is making cakes that people can buy too. I would like to sort out my old toys and make a raffle as well.

I talked to the lady that works in the One Stop Shop and then I wrote her a letter to ask her to get involved. I have sold 60 tickets and then Mummy said no more, but there are more people that want to come. I found a nice picture on the internet to make the tickets. I was very careful when I cut them out and I stuck them on some shiny card so they didn’t bend and looked more special.

I wanted to help the RAF Benevolent Fund because I like planes and they help the pilots. I like the badge because it looks like the RAF badge.

When I grow up I would like to be a display pilot. The Red Arrows are my favourite. I like their formations and they have the best pilots. I always make Mummy and Daddy take me to airshows. I like the Chinook and Typhoon too … but I like ALL planes.

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