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'We should heed that warning... lest we forget'

In a series of blogs to mark Remembrance and 100 years of women in the Armed Forces we ask 'what does Remembrance mean to you?' Air Commodore Polly Perkins is currently Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff British Forces Cyprus. In this guest blog she shares her Remembrance Day reflections.

Polly Perkins

On Remembrance Sunday we will honour all who have suffered or died in war. At this time of year my thoughts are always drawn back to the two World Wars and the sheer number of people who fought; many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms and way of life we now enjoy.

I am now the third generation of my family to serve in Her Majesty's Armed Forces and I hope that in continuing that tradition, I am doing my part to safeguard our national culture and our values.

My grandfather served in the Second World War as a vehicle driver and I know he would struggle to comprehend the sophisticated technology we can now bring to bear to both prosecute, and ideally prevent, warfare and loss of life. But this technology also enables wars to be fought at distance meaning the horrors of war seldom touch our shore. That is why I believe the national act of remembrance remains so very important. We should never forget the almost unimaginable sacrifice that was made and heed that warning...lest we forget.

Air Commodore Polly Perkins joined the Royal Air Force in 1989 as a Logistics Officer.

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