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What Father's Day means to me

Stuart Robinson and familyThis Father's Day we're celebrating RAF dads. Fire Support Group Section Commander Stuart Robinson is a dad of three and in this guest blog he tells us what Father's Day means to him.

I've been in the RAF for nearly 15 years. I joined in 1999 and have served in numerous operations with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was deployed in 2012 to Helmand province, Afghanistan. In February 2013 whilst I was on a vehicle patrol, my Jackal vehicle drove over and initiated an Improvised Explosive Device.

The explosion ejected me clear of the vehicle. My left leg was immediately severed and numerous fractures were gained. In hospital, I had my right leg amputated. 

I also had extensive nerve damage in my left arm so the use of a Trike wheelchair helped me initially with rehabilitation. The RAF Benevolent kindly offered to purchase one of the wheelchairs for me. This has been a godsend; the progress I have made with the use of this wheelchair has been remarkable. 

With Father's Day approaching it has brought home just how fortunate I am to still be here to celebrate it with my children. After the incident in Afghanistan, I am so lucky to still be here and to able to enjoy Father's Day with my family.

I am planning on spending Father's Day relaxing and making the most of the time with my children. We're planning to have a nice meal and we’ll just enjoy spending time together. 

By Stuart Robinson

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