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Soaring above inner struggles


Welcome to your recent edition of One Heart (PDF 1.9MB), the RAF Benevolent Fund's supporter newsletter. Inside you will meet ex-serviceman Andrew and see how he has regained control of his mental health battles after 10 years of struggling, and how your support has helped other members of our RAF Family and the personal struggles they faced.

From despair to a hopeful future

Ex-serviceman Andrew Stevens found the transition to civilian life difficult – and started to suffer from anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. It began to affect his family life and Andrew admits it was very much just eat, sleep, work and repeat. Following his diagnosis of severe OCD, his workplace was informed, and he was laid off - with just two weeks pay right before Christmas. In Andrew’s opinion, the RAF Benevolent Fund and its supporters might very well have saved his life.

Read Andrew's road to recovery (PDF 1.9MB)


One Heart Autumn Newsletter Cover


Providing dignity in later life

96 year old Louisa Hovell served in the RAF during World War II as a Leading Aircraftwoman. As one of the many brave women who helped to keep our country safe, Mrs Hovell’s role was to maintain barrage balloons – the large balloons that acted as an obstacle for hostile aircraft. After losing her RAF Sergeant husband after 36 years of marriage, Mrs Hovell was struggling to get by on her state pension – until supporters like you helped give her the security she needed.

Find out more about Mrs Hovell's RAF days and the help she's received (PDF 1.9MB)




Will you give hope to RAF Family members going through a difficult time?


Will you give hope to RAF Family members going through a difficult time?


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