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VE Day

Celebrating Victory in Europe Day

8 May 1945 marked the end of World War Two in Europe. The day was one of celebration in Britain and saw people coming together to enjoy the victory in streets up and down the country.


  • Nobby Hill VE Day 75 RAF BF
    "We were glad we wouldn't hear the sirens anymore"

    As the nation prepares to mark 76 years since VE Day tomorrow, RAF veteran Nobby Hill tells us what it was like as a teenager. Nobby, now 90, joins a weekly Telephone Friendship Group chat which keeps him company during the isolation of lockdown.

  • Decades of Support featuring RAF veteran Reg Lawrence
    "I remember dancing in the street with mum and dad"

    As the nation looks to commemorate the 76th anniversary of VE Day on Friday, we spoke to RAF veteran Reg Lawrence about what he remembers from the historic day. Just a teenager at the time, Reg would go on to serve in the RAF in the 1950s.

  • VE Day 75 anniversary Warrant Officer Jack Watson
    "I had never seen so much food in all my life"

    Warrant Officer Jack Watson will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day quietly, remembering his comrades and the 'band of brothers' who saw him through 77 operations flying with Bomber Command during the Second World War.

  • Jack Lyon
    Home for VE Day

    Jack Lyon was shot down in a raid on Dusseldorf in June 1941 and spent almost four years as a PoW. Marched west by his German captors from Stalag Luft III as the war drew to an end, Jack finally returned home on VE Day.  

  • RAF veteran Eric Reedman
    La guerre est finie – the war is over!

    Ten days before VE Day was officially announced on May 8 1945, 22-year-old Eric Reedman was stationed in Brussels with 80 Wing. Eric tells us how he and his comrades heard the war was coming to an end before it was officially announced in England.

  • A flight 219 Sqn RAF Catterick 15 August 1940
    Tribute to Terry Clark DFM

    We are saddened to hear Battle of Britain veteran Terry Clark DFM passed away yesterday. Terry was one of two remaining air crew, The Few, who took to the skies in the summer of 1940 to defend Great Britain against Nazi invaders. 


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