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Updates for Trusts and Grantmakers

Meet the RAF Family and learn about some of the charity's latest developments.

Find out how Trusts and grantmakers can enable vital work to support the RAF Family in these back copies of our downloadable updates.

Read about how are supporting the RAF Family during the pandemic.
Download the Spring 2021 Update (PDF 192KB)

Find out how the Fund has responded to COVID-19 and meet our new Controller.
Download the Autumn 2020 Update (PDF 194KB)

Introducing the RAF Benevolent Fund's Centenary Campaign.
Download the Spring 2019 Update (PDF 579KB)

Celebrating the centenary of the Royal Air Force.
Download the Spring 2018 Update (PDF 459KB)

Read about the Siege of Malta on its 75th anniversary.
Download the Autumn 2017 Update (PDF 293KB)

Learn about physical and mental health needs among the RAF Family.
Download the Spring 2017 Update (PDF 339KB)

Find out how the Wimbledon Foundation has got involved with us.
Download the Christmas 2016 Update (PDF 378KB)

Meet Bob Greig, speaker at our event to thank Trust supporters.
Download the Autumn 2016 Update (PDF 325KB)

Discover older veterans' needs.
Download the Christmas 2015 Update (PDF 278KB)

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