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Younger RAF veterans

Your Trust or grantmaker can help veterans overcome mental health issues or get back into work after leaving the RAF.

More than 300,000 ex-RAF and dependants are currently of working age (aged 16-64).

RAF personnel transitioning from Service can get help from the Fund for immediate needs including retraining, housing, and education.

All members of the RAF Family can get help post-Service. This can be particularly important when experiencing significant stress, perhaps as a result of a major life change.

Mental health and wellbeing


Responding to research, which has found that one in five veterans is likely to be living with a common mental health illness, we work with a range of partners with expertise in helping veterans cope with conditions such as anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

These include a Listening, Counselling and Wellbeing Service to offer emotional support to RAF veterans with a range of issues.

Regardless of whether these issues developed in combat, non-combat situations or after leaving Service, the Fund will be there to support our veterans whatever their need.

Moving to civilian life

To help RAF veterans aged 55 and under get back to work, we also run a wellbeing and employment pathways programme.

The three key objectives of the programme are: improved mental wellbeing; better employment prospects; and increased engagement in vocational activities. Each objective has a specific set of aims to aid progress.

We accompany and encourage beneficiaries on the pathway, with the overall aim of enhancing their wellbeing.

Success is determined on a sliding scale, as not only does the project have the potential to improve the wellbeing, confidence and morale of beneficiaries, and assist with long-term rehabilitation, but also to improve financial stability.

If you would like to support the Wellbeing and Employment Pathways, please contact the Trust team on

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